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Dressing Up For Halloween

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Sally Baker has been running Masquerade Costume Hire for 12 years just down the road from Bressingham Steam & Gardens in Earl Stonham, so when we wanted to talk Halloween to someone she seemed like the obvious choice.

She started running the business on a part-time basis until it grew, she’s now open five days a week and likes nothing better than helping people enjoy doing something different to the norm!

When’s your busiest time of the year?

My busiest time of the year is right now - September.

There is the Goodwood Revival down in Sussex, a vintage motor event where people are invited to attend dressed in clothes from the 40s, 50s or 60s era - That's a huge thing for me.  I send out things all over the country by mail order, as well as lots of people coming into the shop to choose things.

This year that event also coincided with Sheringham's 1940s weekend which made September 2019 doubly busy!

Vintage clothing is a speciality of mine - I've got a lot of authentic uniforms, it's nice to see people enjoying something authentic and unusual.

What are the most popular halloween costumes you supply?

It varies from year to year. A couple of years ago I found I didn't hire anything that I would call "Halloween" costumes - everything was Super heroes!

I think that's perhaps more American thing where Halloween doesn't necessarily mean scary, it just means dressing up.

Last year I did quite a lot of the Day of the dead style things (the Mexican festival that celebrates dead ancestors). This year clowns are almost certainly going to be popular (if controversial) because of the new Steven King film that's out.

It definitely pays to keep an eye on what films are coming out!

What tips or tricks do you have for making Halloween extra scary?

I think the element of surprise is always good!  If you're trying to be scary that will definitely help.

Wigs and face paint are always brilliant for Halloween, and work really well with the Day of the Dead style costumes I mentioned earlier, which incorporate lots of sugar skulls and white face paint.

Last year I saw some really good examples of people who had done that style really well, incorporating different elements of different costumes to put their own twist on it which is much more interesting than something off the shelf.

By picking different elements from different costumes and combining it with face paint you can make into something that’s quite unique - this style also seems to have unisex appeal.

Victorian-style vampires are also a really popular costume choice which, again, is popular with both ladies and gentlemen. It gives ladies the opportunity to wear big, flamboyant dresses and men can experiment with smart suits and tail coats.

Is there anything we should’ve mentioned?

Do you have any thoughts, comments or views on Halloween

Is there anything you think we should have mentioned?

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By Alastair Baker at 3 Oct 2019, 00:00 AM