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From the Archive: Our Favourite Gardening Posts

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As possibly the strangest of all summers draws to a close - one in which many of us have spent more time than usual in our gardens - we hope you’ll bear with us as we wander down memory lane and look at some of our favourite gardening related posts from the last few years.

How to buy a spade

Never let it be said that Jaime Blake, our head gardener, doesn’t call a spade a spade - things would get awfully confusing in his line of work otherwise!

In this post from 2016, without a hint of irony, we interviewed Jaime about exactly that - what makes a great garden spade and fork, and what to look out for when buying one.

Remember that this is something that you’re going to have for quite some time (If you purchase sensibly) so don’t be fooled by some of the nice “rustic” looking spades and forks you see hanging up in garden centres.”

That’s the end of any lucrative sponsorship deals with garden centres out of the window then!

Climate Change and how it affects gardening

Remember when all we had to worry about was imminent environmental collapse and who’d win Strictly Come Baking?

Again, back in 2016, we asked Jaime about his thoughts on climate change, whether it’s affecting his work in the garden and what he’s doing to counteract or take advantage of the change in conditions.

“I’ve been gardening here at Bressingham for 27 years now so I’ve had a reasonable chance to gauge if there’s been a steady climate change - I would say there definitely has been.”

Maybe having experienced, at the start of lockdown, how tranquil things could be without so much rushing around we might have found a way to turn things around?

Visitors share their photos and experiences

It’s not just Jaime who contributes to our blog when it comes to gardening -  in 2017 we published this post sharing some of the photos that have been posted on the inter-web at large of the wonders that our gardens hold!

1-N-Priestly -bressingham -gardens -1

One visitor, Nicole, wrote on her travel blog this about her visit to Bressingham Gardens:

“I was overwhelmed with the vast display of flowers and other planting – according to their website there are over 8000 species and cultivars of perennials, grasses, shrubs, trees, conifers, ferns and bulbs.”

Nicole continued in similarly bombastic style...

“Wowsers. I don’t really have a particular interest in plants, but do in the design and landscaping so enjoy going to botanical gardens and such.””

What links Apples and Steam Engines?

Back in 2017 we managed to link horticulture and Steam engines in this post about how Railways helped open up Norfolk Apple orchards to the nation, making them a huge business.

“Before railways transporting anything far from its place of origin was uneconomical - moving anything over 20 or 30 miles by road simply cost too much. Water transport was more efficient than land but there weren't many canals in Norfolk!

Once railway transport came to Norfolk things really started happening for large scale apple orchards (and agricultural in general). Eventually Railways would reduce the cost of land transport by over 95%!”

Do you have any favourite gardening tips or stories?

Horticulture is such a massive subject we always welcome suggestions and experience from visitors.

If you do, get in touch and let us know – you can also do it on Facebook or Twitter.

By Alastair Baker at 17 Sep 2020, 00:00 AM