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How Did We Create Our Xmas Letter Illustration?

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Because we know not everyone will be able to come to see Santa at Bressingham this year we asked our most artistic elf to draw an extra special xmas letter which you can order now.

Even Elves can’t just create things by magic though so we asked if they’d give us a look into how the picture was made.

Step 1: The initial rough sketch

Xmas -A4-Letter -Background -1-1

This very quick sketch was created in about 10 minutes just so everyone could agree on what the final illustration should include.

We knew it needed to have a train in it but apart from that the illustration elf had a pretty free rein(deer).

Step 2: Developing the Pencil Drawing

The next stage was to do a pencil drawing, making sure that everything we wanted to show would fit into the correct space (you can see the red guidelines)

Xmas -A4-Letter -Background -2-1

You can still see quite a few rough edges on this version (i.e. Santa and the reindeer are very rud(olph)imentary)

The rough pencils were then neatened up ready for inking!

Xmas -A4-Letter -Background -2-2

Step 3: Producing the ink drawing

The final pencils drawing is then gone over in ink to create the final line image ready for colour (although in this case the ink and, indeed, the pencils are all digital)

Xmas -A4-Letter -Background -2-3

Note at this stage certain elements have been changed again (i.e. the reindeer legs which never quite worked at the pencil stage)

Step 4: Adding the colour

After much deliberation and (digital) mess the final colour version is created!

Again this is all done digitally in several stages ending in the final full-colour image

Xmas -A4-Letter -Final Colour -lo -res

By Alastair Baker at 11 Dec 2020, 00:00 AM