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How to enjoy a Socially Distant Halloween

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Sadly the usual Bressingham Halloween event has been cancelled this year - scaring people just doesn’t work if you have to stay 2 metres apart!

It got us thinking of alternatives to what has now become many people’s favourite annual events so we’ve taken a look at what now passes for socialising, being Zoom video conferencing.

Spooky Zoom Events

Eventbrite is a great place to look for all sorts of events - online Halloween things on Zoom is no different, in fact they’ve dedicated a whole page to Virtual Halloween Events for all ages.

You might still have time to book a ticket for a range of different events such as the family friendly Spooky Halloween Dress Up Quiz on Oct 30th or story telling events like Tales from the Dragonfly’s Spooktacular Storytelling which is, reportedly, “full of frightening fun so is best for children over 5 years.”

Another surprising addition to the Halloween story telling events which unfortunately has been and gone was Alice Cooper giving special readings of halloween story on Zoom.

The event (sponsored by AirBnB) were actually suitable for children aged 6 and above but at $100 per person possibly only the children of very wealthy Alice Cooper fans went to this one!

Spooky Halloween Backgrounds

If you’re on Zoom regularly you will probably already know that you can change the background image, hiding up any inappropriate books you might have on your shelves with something less controversial.

Well now you can upload your own halloween virtual background to make any Zoom calls you make over the next few weeks into an atmospheric experience for your friends and family!


The magazine site Popsugar has a great collection of 40 Halloween virtual backgrounds for Zoom sourced from various places, or for a more Film and TV focussed collection of background images on where people can vote for which halloween background image is the best (Because it’s important to know these things).

Spooky Halloween games on zoom

Last but not least, now that you have you’re spooky background and are ready for your halloween video meet up your group of family and friends are going to need something to do (now you’ve all forgotten how to socialise) also has a similar list of the best Zoom party games to make meet ups macabre including halloween Who’s Who, Virtual Murder mystery and Horror Movie reenactments!

For a less specifically themed range of games you could also try the Marie Claire website who’ve made a list of the 16 best games to play on zoom, which includes links to online versions of popular card and board games like Codenames and Taboo.

Is there anything we should’ve mentioned?

Do you have any thoughts, comments or views on enjoying a socially distanced halloween?

Is there anything you think we should have mentioned?

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By Alastair Baker at 24 Oct 2020, 00:00 AM