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Lockdown at Bressingham: A Retrospective

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1-1-Alastair -baker -bressingham -gallopers

Our manager Alastair Baker has been posting on the Bressingham Facebook page throughout the lockdown. His series of Quaran-Steam posts charted 105 days of the lockdown, from the early first days until we were finally able to reopen.

Going back through them what really struck us was that the thing he probably missed the most was the team around him - so here's our collection of our favourite Quarensteam Facebook posts saluting our Bressingham volunteers!

Day 12: April 4th

12 days into the lockdown Alastair reports:

"I'm missing both our regular Season Ticket Holders and our volunteers. We will be here for the volunteers and our customers as soon as we can. Keep mentally and physically safe everyone.

Volunteer Phil tells us why he comes to Bressingham, we shouldn't let on, but he is a bit of a star in our forthcoming documentary."

1-2-Phil -Bressingham -Steam Copy

Day 24: April 16th

Let's hear from Craig, who admits he comes to play with a giant trainset, and frankly who can blame him.”

The plugs for the TV show continue, this post features Craig talking about his time volunteering in the garden before becoming a railway guard.

2-Craig -Bressingham -Steam - Copy

Day 59: May 21st

Peter Vine, 40 years a volunteer and 82 years alive today. There be steam oil in them there veins.

… you Sir are a legend and an inspiration.

And yes Peter can be seen in our Channel 5 series.

3-Peter -Bressingham -Steam -volunteer

Day 60: May 22nd

It is Mental Health Awareness Week, this week.

Bressingham is a family, many of whom would admit that they have been known to have a wobble, me included. Bressingham is a lot of peoples safe space both staff and visitors alike.

It is just about being kind, be human, be family. We are.

4-The Whole Team -Bressingham -Steam -volunteer

Day 66: May 28th

Alastair settles down to enjoy Episode 1 of Inside The Steam Museum (Possibly the Lockdown is, at this point, loosening his grip on reality!)

"Dedicated to all those who have been part of the Bressingham family now and for the last 59 years."

5-1-Steam Museum -Documentary -Channel55-2-Steam Museum -Documentary -Channel5


5-3-Steam Museum -Documentary -Channel55-4-Steam Museum -Documentary -Channel5

Day 67: May 29th 

Viewing figures for Episode 1 were significantly above the lockdown average for both Channel 5 and the 7pm slot.

We hope you will watch/catch up  on My5 and/or stick around for episode 2 next Thursday.

Day 70: June 1st

Today is the 1st of June, and the beginning of Volunteers week, so I thought we should concentrate on those that give their time so graciously to keep Bressingham alive.

So tonight it is the turn of #DriverDan, who wanted to come and drive trains from a very young age. Perhaps it is something that has always been a dream of yours? Once normality eventually returns why not join us?

6-Dan -Bressingham -Steam -volunteer

Day 105: July 6th

I imagine everyone’s beard needs some attention now? 

From a trainee engine driver in the 1970s, we hope to see you soon.

The loco shed sees some spit and polish action tomorrow as we strive for the new normal!

7-Alastair -Bressingham -Steam -volunteer


By Alastair Baker at 29 Jul 2020, 00:00 AM