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Lockdown amusements and games

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The lockdown has been hard on lots of people, there isn’t anyone affected by it in some way or other and many are finding their feelings go up and down erratically.

Whilst there are many wellbeing resources available on the net which are well worth visiting for anyone who’s really struggling with loneliness and isolation or mental health, fortunately for some of us laughter can be the best medicine.

So we’ve had a a quick trawl of the net to find some things that have tickled us recently!

Jokes and funny pictures

Social media has been a massive outlet for people to make funny observations on some of the strange aspects of the Corona Virus situation.

Somebody made this hilarious picture explaining why a sweet but misguided video of hollywood celeb’s all singing a song to raise our spirits back fired:

Corona -Jokes -1

And, for the film buff out there here’s a topical re-working of Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror film The Shining:

Corona -Jokes -3

Continuing the arts realted theme we came across a rather niche craze on Instagram for recreating famous (or not so famous) works of art photographically either by individuals or with locked down (i.e. aptive) family members.

Fineart -recreations

Playing games on the internet

There has been an explosion in the use of video conferencing on platforms such as Skype, Zoom and Facebook Messenger (and now, most recently, Google have made their video conferencing system Google Meet available for free!)

It wasn’t until I had a business meeting on Zoom and somebody suggested playing Werewolf that I was made aware of the potential of the medium for playing party games!

(If you’re not familiar with Werewolf, it’s a bit like wink murderer but a lot more argumentative - here are some rules on how to play Werewolf on Zoom)

There are plenty of traditional party games that can be played with friends and family over one of the many video call platforms - they include Pictionary, Bingo and Yahtzee.

All great games but so far the only way we’ve found to play our favourite card game online, Uno, is by downloading the app onto your phone or tablet - so we’ll give this a go to get our fix!

If that’s not quite geeky enough you could go the whole hog and play a full blown Role Playing Game like Dungeons & Dragons on Zoom here where your family and friends go can on imaginary adventures, meet strange new peoples and hack them to pieces (or make friends with them, it’s up to you!)

(Maybe only try this one if the lockdown goes past week 12!)

Is there anything we should’ve mentioned?

Is there anything online that has brightened your spirits during lockdown?

Is there anything you think we should have mentioned?

If there is get in touch and let us know – you can also do it on Facebook or Twitter.

By Alastair Baker at 12 May 2020, 00:00 AM