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Our Top Vegetable Cakes (That aren't carrot cake)

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Vegetable -cake

Continuing our spring Plant-based diet theme, it occurred to us that one great area of food that unites vegetarians and meat eaters alike is cake!

We set ourselves a challenge to intrepidly trawl the internet and collect some of the most amazing cake recipes that incorporate vegetables - and we discovered that not all cakes are sweet!

Introducing the Savoury cake!

Researching this post delivered the bombshell that cakes can be savoury as well as sweet (and we’re not just talking cheese scones here).

Unsurprisingly the French are ahead of us here - they have been making savoury cakes (or cakes salés) for ages.  Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall was just as surprised as us in his Guardian article in 2011, but he lists three delicious sounding recipes including, challengingly, Carrot and Feta cake (could go either way)

The Savoury cake isn’t necessarily just a posh treat - according to Claire at add they can be simple to make and great way to use scraps of this and that from your cupboards and fridge.

Other amazing looking savoury cakes we found was these tasty looking Veggie Cakes on (scroll down to see one with a poached egg - it looks delicious!)

The other one that attracted our attention was this Indian Savoury Semolina Cake which replaces butter and eggs with yoghurt to make a delicious looking result!

Sweet vegetable cakes

Now we’ve got our head round the concept of cakes not necessarily being sweet it’s time to do an about-turn and look at sweet cakes that incorporate vegetables (or, in some cases, pulses)

The most obvious vegetable cake is the trusty old carrot cake, of which there are many delicious recipes out there - but we thought we’d investigate some other possibilities.

The first that caught our eye was a Parsnip and maple syrup cake which, once you’ve tried, makes you realise how obvious parsnips are as a cake ingredient - they’re sweet with a slightly coconut taste, what better?

(This cake also won Good Foods 20th birthday cake competition, so definitely one to try!)

Another cake that comes under the heading “Slightly different” are these intriguing Purple sweet potato doughnuts (is a doughnut a cake?)

Again this recipe incorporates maple syrup and, for those of you trying the plant-based thing in our last blog post, they are also vegan - so brownie (or doughnut) points all round!

The last recipe we want to share is a real show-stopper - it’s a Pea and Vanilla Cake with Lemon Icing and Pea Shoots we have no idea what it tastes like but it looks amazing!

The best news is that there’s nothing particularly exotic about in it - it’s all stuff that’s readily available (you just use frozen peas!) - this is one I’ll definitely be giving a go!

Do you have any favourite Cake recipes

Do you have any thoughts, comments or views on incorporating vegetables into your baking?

Is there anything you think we should have mentioned?

If there is get in touch and let us know – you can also do it on Facebook or Twitter.

By Alastair Baker at 17 Feb 2020, 00:00 AM