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Advice for the perfect East Anglia camping Experience

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With most of us still having to take our holidays closer to home in 2021 camping in the UK is having a renaissance - and East Anglia is one of the best places to do it!

Bressingham Steam & Gardens is surrounded by some great campsites so we spoke to Vanessa at Driftways Camping & Glamping to see what makes camping in East Anglia so great and what 5 pieces of equipment no camper should be without. 

How did Driftways Camping & Glamping start?

We bought the house about three years ago with a field over the road which we’d been using to make hay until somebody said to us "Look, you've got such a wonderful spot here - why don't you start doing camping and glamping?”

We thought that would be quite nice especially with the rise in people taking "staycations" this year and last year and it is a lovely spot - as I'm talking to you standing here all I can hear is birds!

We only started thinking about it in November 2020 and we opened our doors in May 2021 - things started slowly but now it's going really well (but we’d still like more campers!)

What’s the difference between camping and glamping?

The key difference between our camping and our glamping is that with the glamping all you need to bring is yourself, your food and your entertainment.

The tents are already erected when you arrive, they have hotel quality, real mattresses and bedding, and all come equipped with stoves a fully equipped kitchenette, picnic benches and campfires.

Our “Glamorous camping” or Glamping is literally like a hotel in a field.

What makes East Anglia a great place to camp

I'm actually from Doncaster but I moved to Ipswich 21 years ago for work and never left.

East Anglia is just such a nice place - we are a little bit out on a limb, there are so many lovely beaches you can get to. For instance, we’re only 45 minutes from 4 or 5 beaches in North Norfolk and East Suffolk.

The weather is normally better than the rest of the country, it's fairly flat and you’ve got some great walks and historic towns to visit. Where we live, for example, is one of the only areas that has lots of "clay lump" buildings because it was too expensive to bring bricks by road.

There's also lots of river access - we are close to Bungay, Beccles and Geldeston Locks where you can boat, canoe and wild swim.

There’s a lot you can do without having to go far - people use our camp as a base to visit all the amazing attractions close by (including Bressingham Steam & Gardens!) plus we’re only 2 miles from the A140 but you’d never know as you can’t hear it!

What 5 things should everyone pack when they go camping?

This is a very difficult one, so I’d go for (apart from the obvious things like “Tent”!):

1. A multi-functional torch
We use a special torch that a torch, a lantern band and an emergency light.

It's rechargeable, wind-up and you can also charge your phone on it!

2. Duct tape
You can fix a whole host of things with this.

3. Bin Bags
When camping you should always try and leave no trace that you've been there, this is especially important somewhere like here where we’re "meadow camping" off grid.

4. A Flask
Boiling kettle can take so long when you're camping so it’s handy to have a big flask on hand to store some hot water.

5. Insect repellent
Nobody wants to be bothered by biting insects!

Is there anything we should’ve mentioned?

Do you have any thoughts, comments or views on camping in East Anglia?

Is there anything you think we should have mentioned?

If there is get in touch and let us know – you can also do it on Facebook or Twitter.

By Stuart Paterson at 27 Jul 2021, 00:00 AM