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Our 4 favourite local history posts

Unsurprisingly, being a museum, we are fascinated by the past and historical curios which is often reflected in our choice of content for our blog.

To kick of 2021 we’ve taken a look back through our archives and dusted off some of our favourite historical posts!

How were Steam Engines used in agriculture?

Farming -steam -engine

I’m glad we did go back through our archives because this post started off with a big typo - I typed “1900’s” instead of “1800’s” as being the period that steam power started being used in agriculture!

School boy errors besides, this post is a nice little introduction into the transition from horse to steam power on farms; starting with portable engines (some of which we have here at Bressingham!)

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The Bressingham Gallopers: A piece of fairground history

Bressingham -gallopers

We’re rightly proud of our amazing gallopers which were over 100 years old by the time Bressingham’s founder, Alan Bloom, bought them for his wife.

This blog post charts their journey from being manufactured in 1876 in Kings Lynn, being restored at Bressingham and what the most challenging aspects of keeping them going are!

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A short history of the ghost train

Ghost -train

Combining the theme of fairground rides with our favourite subject (trains!) this post, published for Halloween 2015, investigated the development of fairground favourite, the Ghost train.

Quite unexpectedly (almost spookily, you might say) it turned out there was link between Ghost Trains and another of our favourite subjects - Dad’s Army!

Read this post to discover what it is!

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Photographs from Bressingham's past

Liz Handy3

Whizzing forward to 2017 we were lucky enough to interview local photographer and author Liz Handy about her fascination with the history of Bressingham’s buildings and people.

She and her husband moved to Bressingham in the early 1970’s, and she ended up making friends with Alan Bloom and his family.  IN this charming post she was kind enough to share some of her experiences and some photo’s from her book all about local history.

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Is there anything we should’ve mentioned?

Do you have any thoughts, comments or views on Local History or your favourite blog posts?

Is there anything you think we should have mentioned?

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By Alastair Baker at 13 Jan 2021, 00:00 AM