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Amazing Model Railway Layouts

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Model -railway -layouts

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a real-life working railway in their back garden like we are - so many train enthusiasts have to make do with model railways.  Some of these can become a life’s work!

We trawled through the internet for stories of the most impressive model railways out there and this is what we found!

Image credit: Unsplash photography

Hornby’s top rated model railway layouts

There’s no name bigger in model railways than Hornby - they started publishing their own magazine in 2007 which, to date, has published over 470 model train layouts!

As such their top 10 list of the best model train layouts of all time seems like a good starting pointing - here’s just a couple of them:

Shenston Road

Modeller Greg Brookes is a career railwayman and his real-life experience shows in his amazing model recreating part of the Great Western Railway route between Birmingham and Wolverhampton in the closing years of the 1960’s.

His 27 x 8ft Shenston Road model is housed in a purpose made building has taken 18 years to complete (and he’s probably still fiddling with it!)

Hornby magazine says:

“Shenston Road sets out to recapture that period in all its shabby glory, when locomotives were often in poor external condition and others were fresh and gleaming in the new colour scheme.”


This amazing model is one of the few on Hornby’s list that is open to the public.  It’s housed at the Pendon Museum which is 8 miles outside Oxford and run completely by volunteers.

The Dartmoor railway was begun by Australia born modeller Roye England - a legend in the modelling world he came to live in Britain in the 1920’s.

His model, started in 1955, features a massive viaduct, buildings built from scratch and an 80 wagon coal train!

Amazing model railway layouts in video

Reading and seeing photos of model railway layouts is all well and good, but it’s great to see them in action - this is where the numerous YouTube channels dedicated tothe hobby are great!

Here are some great videos we found:  

By Stuart Paterson at 24 Jan 2022, 00:00 AM