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Everything Goes - July

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Sun 7 Jul 2019

Updated 5/7/19

Bressingham has an eclectic collection of operational steam engines.

During the 2019 season we will be hosting a number of 'Everything Goes' days where we will ATTEMPT to showcase as many of these engines in steam to the visiting public.

Due to overunning engineering works and a lack of available volunteer drivers we are no longer able to fulfill the steam schedule we were planning. 

2ft engines Bevan and Sholto are in our workshops undergoing overhauls. Victoria our Tidan centre engine is also in the workshop awaiting the completion of its 10 year overhaul. 

At the moment we can confirm the following engines will be in steam on Sunday 7th July: 

The Garden Railway: Engine: Alan Bloom

The Fen Railway: Engines: Gwynedd on passenger dutuies. 

Previous 'Everything Goes' days have offered driver expereince sessions. Due to lack of available motive power and volunteers drivers we are unable to offer this service.  

The Waveney Railway: Engine: St. Christopher

The Standard Gauge Railway: Engine: Martello

Burrell Steam Roller Boxer. 

Cochran Vertical boiler powering the Beam engine and 2 other stationary engined.

Resident privately owned Garratt traction engine 'Felstead Belle'. Works No.32936. Reg No. ER603


In light of the challenges to fullfill steam driver turns will we will hosting a Volunteer recruitment day on Saturday 21st September. Keep an eye on our website and social media posts for updates on this day.