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Heritage Steam Gala

A celebration of steam at Bressingham Steam Museum.

Sat 4 May 2019 to Mon 6 May 2019

The highlight of Bressingham's events calendar where there will be over 25 engines in steam each day over this special Bank Holiday Weekend!

The 2019 Gala will celebrate the return to steam of Standard Gauge Hunslet Austerity locomotie No. 3193. This locomotive has been based at Bressingham since 2018. The locomotive has been restored by its owners, Norfolk Steam Heriage Railway Ltd. The locomotive will be sharing duties with Martello. Running schedule to be confirmed. Please keep checking this webpage for updates.

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Bressingham is also pleased to welcome 2ft gauge Quarry Hunslet locomotive 'Winifred' to the Gala. This locomotive is visiting us from the Bala Lake Railway in North Wales. This engine will be seen throughout the weekend joining the Bressingham Fleet of Engines, performing a number of duties on the Fen Railway.


The gala will also welcome 2ft Gauge Quarry Hunslet 'Cloister' to Bressingham. 'Cloister' will be joining the home fleet of engines for the remainder of the 2019 season on loan from the Hampshire Narrow Gauge Railway Society. This engine will be seen throughout the weekend joining the Bressingham Fleet of Engines, performing a number of duties on the Fen Railway.   


The Heritage Steam Gala would not be complete without the popular Traction Engine Gathering. This year we are due to be joined by the following traction engines and steam rollers over weekend (provisional and more to be confirmed):

1. Marshall 7nhp traction engine built in 1928. Reg No. VF4183

2. 'The Duchess' a Burrell 7nhp Traction engine built in 1912. Works No.3420 Reg. No. AH5607.

3. Garrett No.7 Single traction engine. Works No.32936. Reg No. ER603.

4. 'Bessie' Marshall Traction engine built in 1922. Works No. 75077. Reg No. BJ7640. 

5. 'Oliver' Ruston and Hornsby general purpose traction engine built in 1920. 

6. 1927 Wallis and Steevens 'Advance' 10 Ton Roller. Works No. 7909. Reg No. BF7925.

7. 'Queen Mary' Burrell Showman's Engine built in 1920. Works No. 1498, Reg No. BR1498. (Visting from the neighbouring Charles Burrell Museum in Thetford). Queen Mary will be generating for the lighting set on our Gallopers roundabout throughout the weekend.

8. Aveling and Porter 10 Ton e-type Single cylinder piston valve roller built in  1921. Works No.10126, Reg No. FX8651. 

9. Burrell 6NHP Agricultural engine, built in 1904 (Rally debut).

10. Ransome, Sims and Jefferies 6NHP 'Gariock Queen' No. 31298.

11. 1919 Ransomes General Purpose Agricultural Engine No's 30004 Reg R6968. 

12. Youngs of Diss Portable steam engine.

There will also be some miniature engines in steam too! 

Bressingham Steam Museum will be running all of its steamable collection which includes the following:

Standard Gauge Railway: 

Southern Railway Terrier Tank locomotive 'Martello' built in 1875.

The Fen Railway (2ft gauge):

Quarry Hunselt 'Gwynedd' built in 1893.

'Bevan' a Bressingham Workshop built locomotive completed in 2011.

'Fernilee' a 2015 new build, 0-4-0 vertical boiler steam loco.   

The Garden Railway (10 1/4" gauge):

'Alan Bloom' No.1 built by Bressingham Engineer Philip Gray in 1995.

The Waveney Railway (15" gauge)

‘St Christopher’ a 2-6-2T locomotive built in 2001 by Exmoor Steam Railway. 

 Non Railway engines: 

‘Buster’ a Burrell Steam Roller No. 3993.  Reg. mark CF 5646 also built in 1924. 

The Cochrane Boiler Powering the following engines:

Sir William Arroll & Co. Horizontal Pumping Engine 

Easton & Anderson Beam Pumping Engine

Marshall – Horizontal Engine


Norfolk Fire Museum will also be in attendance with a couple of their vintage fire engines!

Please keep checking website for further updates ..... 

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