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2017 Season information below

The Dodgems and surrounding old fashioned fairground are privately owned and rides are not included in the Bressingham Ride ticket.

At weekends the Fairground is normally open 11.30 - 4.30. Time on the Dodgems varies so ask at the fairgound during your visit.

Please call us for furtther information before making a specific journey to visit the fairground.  01379 686900


JB Fairground information

1950s Super Dodgems
Built in 1942 by Billy Sherratt and owned by them for nigh on 40 years, they now find their home at Bressingham and are themed as a 1950s Rock n Roll Dodgems. Cars are 1976 SDC Espardas and 1977 Reverchon Jubilees.



Childrens Toy Set
Built in 1972 this ride is suitable for younger children, where they have the choice of cars, animals, boats and bikes to sit on.

Toy set


Old Time Penny Arcade
A collection of slot machines dating from the 1920s to the 1970s, this is how your Grandparents spent a penny! The arcade is for amusement only, no cash can be won.Penny Arcade


Chair O Planes - 1935
Built by Halsted, take to the sky with this vintage ride.

Chair o planes

Veteren Car Ride - 1950s
Built by Supercar, take a drive on this vintage ride.

Car Ride

Ski Jump - 1989
Built by Metal Craft, spin round then over the bump on this fast rare ride.

Ski Jump


Crazy Golf
The 9 hole Crazy Golf is built in the 1960s style and is fun for all the family. Golf

Old Time Side Stalls

Some of the best classics from the Fair - Ball in the Bucket*, Hook-a-Duck*, Test your Strength Striker*, Coconut Shy. Come and have a go on these old time games.
*Prize every time


Rocker Toys
A collection of Rocker Toys for our younger visitors in all shapes and sizes from the 1960s to the 1980s. One will have been outside the supermarket of your youth!