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Bressingham -gallopers -660w

The three-abreast Gallopers are Bressingham's centre piece. It is one of the finest to be seen anywhere. Built by Savages of Kings Lynn in 1897 and owned and operated by the Thurston family of Norfolk until 1934, the Gallopers later operated at Whitley Bay and ended up in Scotland before finding a home at Bressingham. The engine was originally built by Tidmans of Norwich but has been completely rebuilt at Bressingham. The organ - a Bruder-built, 48 keyless Chiappa - accompanies the Gallopers as they reach up to six revolutions per minute and swing out some 15 degrees.

The set came to Bressingham in 1967 and has been delighting young and old as the heart of the site ever since.

During the main season, The Gallopers operate every day, always bringing a smile to the faces of the young - and the young at heart!

It takes an army of volunteers and gifted craftsmen and women to keep The Gallopers and all our exhibits in tip-top condition. If you have some time to spare and would like to get involved in caring for these icons of a bygone age, please contact us either by calling 01379 686900 or dropping us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

You can, if you wish donate specifically to keep the Gallopers spinning and the horses groomed

Gallopers Donate

Lamp Holders £5