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Access for all visitors

Bressingham welcomes visitor of all abilities. The site and gardens are wheelchair friendly with paths of grass and tarmac. All of the museum buildings are accessible with the exception of one gallery in the exhibition hall and the signal box. The Nursery and Waveney lines both have carriages capable of accommodating standard wheelchairs. There is a unisex disabled toilet and unisex baby changing facilities at both the museum and garden centre. If you need any further information or have any specific requests please call us on 01379 686900. Standard wheelchairs are available on a first come first served basis.

We expect all our visitors to treat each other with repsect, intolerence to other visitors of any kind will lead to ejection from the site with no refund.


Only registered guide and assistance dogs are allowed on site.

Bicycles and Scooters

We do not allow bicycles, balance bikes and scooters to be ridden within the grounds, please do not bring them onto the site, (for avoidance of doubt we are not referring to Mobility Scooters).


We want you to have a safe and enjoyable day at Bressingham, when we are hit by inclement weather it may be necessary to shut some of the rides for health and safety reasons. If this is the case whatever the length of closure no refunds will be given. All of the Museum buildings are under cover though individual buildings are not linked, there is no means of shelter other than the trees within the gardens.