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COVID-19 Survival - our steaming future

Bressingham needs your help to survive

Bressingham along with many other attractions and Heritage Railways, is a business which usually just covers its costs each year. We spend money over the closed winter period, preparing for the next open season. Like many we have been hit when our cash reserves were at a minimum with no prospect of income over the busy Easter Holiday period and beyond.

Bressingham, the visitor attraction is run by Bressingham Steam Preservation Trust (charity No 266374). We receive no external funding and must exist wholly on income we generate for ourselves. We are not financially connected to the Garden Centre (our commercial neighbours) or the Bloom Family (our landlords). We have been this way since 1974, when the trust was formed.

Due to our enforced closure, WE ARE ASKING FOR YOUR HELP, earning no income, could have a substantial impact on our future. Please help by donating to give us a fighting chance to be able to steam again in our usual form once the pandemic is over.

  • Bressingham can’t claim insurance compensation for business interruption.
  • Although we have mothballed Bressingham, we still have bills to pay.
  • The government has not offered any specific monetary aid to charities of our type yet.
  • Our rateable value is above the £51K limit for any grant availability for leisure.
  • The only government help currently available would put Bressingham into significant debt, which may take years to pay off.

Depending on how long the closure period lasts, Bressingham could lose a significant amount of its yearly income, which would cause serious implications for how we can open and what level of steam service we can offer in the future.

If you would like to renew your season ticket early, donate any unused Tesco Deal codes then email us for details.

In order to survive the current economic climate, we are asking if it is at all possible you can donate to see us through to the next opening period, and 2021 our 60th Birthday.

If you wish to start a fundraiser for Bressingham of your own, try gofundme or a Facebook fundraiser are easy things to do.

Thank you, from all the Bressingham family.

Single Donations

 If you wish to support Bressingham by buying a NEW membership, we will start the membership from when we re-open. If you wish to renew your existing membership, please email us for details.

New Membership

If you wish to support Bressingham by buying a steam day ticket valid for any steam day we are open a year from purchase.

Post Covid Tix

If you wish to support Bressingham by buying a piece of track to be placed on our On Track wall, or perhaps a piece for yourself as well. From £10

On Track